Choices over choices, which direction do you go? Are you following a pre defined path or do let your intuition guide the way and are yet to find out where you end up? In the end every path, every journey will lead us somewhere. Some faster, some slower, some dead ends. You might even take several paths at the same time. There is no end, your path continues.

I personally never make one choice and follow this direction. My path is different, my path is unique – yet it still leads me somewhere and somewhere feels great because it’s the unknown and in order to get to the unknown you have to try! Life, make choices, explore, feel, discover, fall…. and rise!

In my social experiment I gave away the control over my image to others by inviting them and their fantasy (with a little help from a black pastel pencil) to show me their choices or their path.

We all look the same and and every time I expect to see the same things I get surprised.

Luckily we are all different in the end.


Giclee print on Hahnemuhle with a white frame, wooden edition & 2 mm unlayered museumglass

  • 40 cm x 50 cm #25 (2AP) starting at € 750,-
  • 72 cm x 92 cm #7 (2AP) starting at € 2.750,-
  • 118 cm x 147 cm #4 (2AP) starting at € 3.700,-

Video installation: on request

Art installation, the artist is present:
A customized package for companies & museums. Possibilities such as a unique art installation, video installation, choices artwork, tabloid magazine with foreword by company, internal communication campaign etcetera.

Kunstkoop, 100% art 0% interest
My gallery can offer you to pay my piece of art in 36 months with 0% interest.

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