My story

Jelle Rietveld (Amsterdam, 1981) After a career in marketing he graduated with honours from the photo academy in Amsterdam in 2016 and was awarded “New Dutch Photography Talent” in 2017.
His photography is a play between colors and graphic lines, light and shadow. They are constructions; psychological processes of which seemingly hidden emotions and impulses are brought to the surface. Rietveld constructs and abstracts. He disrupts senses of recognition, challenging the viewer to let go of rational thought. Rietveld lives and works in Amsterdam.

The process
‘The emotions, thoughts and impulses from daily life are the essence of my work. With my photography, I translate these to an abstract artwork. The thought, the feeling, the idea comes to the fore, but the image sometimes makes the viewer question: it makes you think, turn inwards, asks you to look, then look at it again. Over and over. I build objects of various materials, composing with colour, struc- ture, lines, light and shadow to depict the core of emotions, thoughts and impulses. Only when you take a second or third look at my work do you sometimes see that you are looking at a photo. A photo of the deeper reality, not of the superficial.’

Over the last years I exhibited my work on several shows in galleries and art fairs in and outside the Netherlands. You can see the series I created by clicking here.

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Jelle Rietveld
+31 (0) 6 520 38 728
Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Photography. Branding. Full concepts. Project development. Styling and Decoration.

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